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EZTrigger 1.1. was released on the app store yesterday adding support for a few more lightning devices such as the iRig HD. There is also an additional setting in the Settings app for the trigger gate time, which can be set to several different preset lengths. The default is 30ms and this allows for pretty fast playing as can be seen in this video from Mike of the band Apostasy

EZTrigger is a revolutionary tool for drummers — an app that turns your iOS device into a single-channel drum module, allowing you to trigger a high definition bass drum sample from an acoustic kit in realtime.

It’s a great way to give your bass drum a boost in the mix without the hassle of miking or a setting up other hardware. Just plug a standard drum trigger into the phone through a guitar interface such as IK Multimedia’s iRig 2 and play through a PA, choosing from over 30 great bass drum samples.

• Made for live performance
• Works with standard piezo drum triggers
• Made especially for the iRig 2 guitar interface
• high quality 44.1khz bass drum samples for a range of rock and other styles
• Simple setup in seconds

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